Bra-Vor Tool & Die Co., Inc.


Bra-Vor Tool & Die Company was started in August 1968 by Richard Brant and W.G. DeVore and became incorporated in 1979. The company name came about by taking parts of each others last names. Bra-Vor Tool & Die Company started out as a small shop delivering a quality product and transforming into a full service manufacturing and stamping facility.

In 1984 Richard Brant retired. W. G. DeVore brought on Kim Wallace as a partner. With Kim Wallace’s extensive knowledge and expertise the die development department flourished strong. As a result Bra-Vor Tool & Die Company, Inc. purchased their first 30 ton bruderer press in 1985. At this point Bra-Vor could offer design, manufacture and development for progressive dies and bandolier dies. At the request of customers Bra-Vor Tool & Die Co, Inc. started running stamp production. As the volume of production rose more high speed presses were purchased.

In 1999, Kim Wallace retired from the business. After Kim’s retirement, W.G. DeVore thought of his two sons that worked in the shop. He approached them with the idea of becoming partners which became a reality in 1999.

Scott D. DeVore worked in the grinder department as a grinder specialist, and Todd M. DeVore worked in the press room developing dies and maintenance dies for production.

W.G. DeVore retired in 2002 after many years of hard work to build a small tool & die shop into a full service manufacturing and stamping facility as it still is to this day.

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